Core Test : CorTst Module of AUTOSAR

After reading this blog you will understand
1. What is core test of micro-controller in AUTOSAR
2. Why core test is important?
3. What things does core test module of AUTOSAR tests?

1. Introduction:

Core test module of AUTOSAR tests core of micro-controller and find outs whether there is an error in core of micro-controller. This is self test of micro-controller. Generally performed at time of initialization time of micro-controller. Core test module provides several tests to verify dedicated core functionality like general purpose register or ALU.

Fig. 1 Shows the core of ARM cortex M3

Fig. 1 Core 

Core test module will test
1. Load Store instruction test.
2. Arithmetic instruction test.
3. Register bank test.
4. Test of MPU
5. Test of interrupt handling
6. Multiply, Divide instruction test.
7. Pipeline test.

2. AUTOSAR CoreTst Module Configuration :

Fig. 2 Core Test Module in AUTOSAR Architecture

Core test module is part of MCAL layer shown in fig 2. To configure core test module is very easy. All the codes i.e .c and .h files for different tests of core  test module are provided by micro-controller supplier. User need to select which core tests he wants to perform.

Core test can be performed at time of initialization called Foreground test. In which all the test performed in one call of core test function with all interrupts are disabled. Core test can be performed periodically with one test in one call of core test function with interrupt disabled while performing a single test, called Background test.

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